Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's not's Husky-n

I've made a decision regarding nursing school...I will be attending the University of Washington in Seattle! I'm going to be a Husky! I was almost positive that I would end up on the East Coast, but over the past couple of months, I've realized that UW is the best fit: it's the cheapest (by far!), it's a really good school, and it offers a Master's specialty that the other schools don't (global health). It also just feels right. I am very disappointed that I won't be living near some of my high school and college friends in New York and Boston, and I will again be on the opposite corner of the US from my family, but I am excited to be back in the Northwest near all of my L'Arche friends. There would have been disappointments no matter what school I chose, but I think I've made the right decision.

Do you think I'll have to wear purple scrubs?


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  2. Disregard the previous message, it's a super-old blogger account! Anyway, Billy, we know you would have picked the purple scrubs anyway!

    Kelly and Lorelei

  3. I was getting really excited at the prospect of having you here in New York next year, but I will adjust. And you'll be there to welcome me back home (whenever I get there)! I know that must be a relief to have made the decision. Love! Anna

  4. you forgot to say :"i will also be in the same city as Abby whom i love very much and will cook yummy food for me and boss me around in the kitchen!"

  5. i am crestfallen.

    my keyboard has jammed from all the tears.