Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lorngosua, Part 3: Can I get a friend?

For the whole week, I practically followed Anthony around. Originally, we were supposed to share a twin bed at night (what?!), but I quickly told him that I have a REALLY hard time sharing a bed with someone (especially another male) because I stay up wondering if I'm taking up too much of the bed or making too much noise. Luckily, we found another mattress, and I don't think I offended him. Despite that momentary "ummm...," I really enjoyed being with Anthony. He speaks English very well, and he was happy to answer all of my questions. Though at one point, I realized that I was starting all the conversations. I was worried that I was being a burden.

But on my last night in Lorngosua, he said, "Bill, I have a crazy question. Can I get a friend in the United States that I can talk to and share my problems with?" At first, I thought he was asking me how he could make friends with some Americans, so Facebook popped into my head. But then I realized that maybe he was asking me if I would be that friend. I asked, and it turns out that he wants to be pen pals with me! I felt very, very touched. He has to set up an e-mail account first. I have a friend!

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