Monday, February 9, 2009

Frugal and desert...hmmm...

A gmail chat message from Mike Meegan (the director of ICROSS), talking about my time in Kenya:

"it will be a very frugal and desert experience in many ways my friend, very challenging
but you are good at that"

Let's hope so!


  1. Bill!

    My sister's in Botswana right now. You guys should totally hang out! You'll probably run into each other since Africa is so small, so if you see someone who looks like me except with long hair and other female attributes (i.e. Tina Fey glasses), say hello!

  2. Yayyyy BillBlog! And yay for joining me on the African continent. So excited to follow your many and varied expeditions.

  3. "Please send me your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. I'll need 'em!"

    Easy to do Bill: I DO Hope Your Time is Laden w/ Highs, Lows, Plateaus, Peaks n Valleys. In short-- A Multi-Dimensional Fantastiq Voyage!

    Wanted 2 let U kno that I'm on a Bon Iver kick. (Perhaps Me n about 1 mill othr Peeps?). "Skinny Love" on Yer Rode Tripp Album made An Impression, so "Thanks!"

    Ciao n Only The BEST. --cp