Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lorngosua, Part 4: Bleet for God

As I said, I did some more goat herding this past week. I think baby goats (kids) are so cute and funny. They hop around like little puppies do when they run. When the goats are taken out for grazing, the goats kinda do their own thing and search for vegetation that they can munch on. Naturally, the kids get separated from their mothers. The kid will then bleet, and the mother will bleet back so that the kid knows where she is. The kid walks towards the mother but then gets sidetracked by some nice green leaves to eat. Eventually, the kid bleets again, and the mother bleets back, yet the kid is distracted again by some delicious grass. This call-and-response pattern continues for several minutes, and sometimes, the mother doesn't bleet back, but she's still in the same place waiting for her kid. Finally, the kid makes it to Mama and then goes to town on her udder. (HOW does that not hurt?!)

I found the whole interaction really beautiful, and it reminded me of my relationship with God. I long for God, and I'll make the occasional "bleet" to be closer to him, whether that's through prayer or through an act of kindness towards someone else. God then bleets back, and it's great. I know I'm heading in the right direction! But then something will come around that distracts me (school, work, etc.). And then when I realize that I need the good stuff, the food of life, Mama's goat milk (as it were), I bleet again, and God bleets back. And sometimes God doesn't bleet back, but I still know that He's there and the general direction to go. Hopefully, one day, I'll get through the distractions and finally make it to God, like the kid found his mother, and I can live off his sweet milk. :) I admit it's an imperfect and weird analogy, but I like it. It speaks to me.

And yes, I just compared heaven to sucking on a goat's udder. Hmmm...

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