Thursday, February 19, 2009

Inyonyorri, Part 2: Children are suckers for suckers...

[So that last post was really long. I typically get overwhelmed by long e-mails or long blog posts and generally skip them, so I've decided to break posts up so that they're less intimidating and so that you, the reader, can skip to another post if the current one is boring you. :) I also really like coming up with titles.]

Both times that I've been with the Maasai, I've been closest to the children. They learn some English in school (and they're less afraid to use it), and they're suckers for candy and pictures taken with digital cameras. The kids would sing songs for me that they learned in church: "Der ees sumdeeng happeneeng een dee house of de Lawd!" ("There is something happening in the house of the Lord.") They would also just say random things in English that they learned in school. They would be speaking in Maasai and laughing and then start saying, "Mondeh, Toosdeh, Wednesdeh, Thahsdeh, Frrrrideh, Satahdeh!" And they would also dance and sing Maasai harmony. I was very impressed and touched.

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