Friday, February 13, 2009

"I had a farm in Africa, at the foot of the Ngong Hills."

I'm alive! I made it to Nairobi without a problem. I saw some pretty good movies (The Duchess...I'd say it was a SUC-cess), some OK movies (W.), and some bad movies (Eagle Eye = Stupid Eye).

And after three days, I think I have finally overcome my jet-lag. It's been a little rough, I must admit. But I think I am able to be fully present (and awake) now. But even when I felt exhausted, I was very happy to be back in Kenya. I have missed the smells. And to be honest, some of the smells aren't necessarily pleasant (dung, B.O., etc.), but they're tied to such pleasant memories that I don't find them too offensive. :) Is that weird? Yes.

Anyone recognize the quote in the title of this post? It might be easier to figure out if it's read with a Dutch accent. Anyone? Well, I'll just tell you...Out of Africa, the book and the movie. Karen Blixen owned a farm in a town called Karen. That's a weird coincidence, yeah? (It's like how the Pilgrims left Plymouth and landed in Plymouth!) Actually, it wasn't named Karen then, but the town was named after her. (Karen Blixen owned a coffee farm, and she was a very strong advocate for "her Kikuyu'' that lived on her land.) The ICROSS base is in Ngong, which is very, very close to Karen.

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